About Dr. Killeen


Dr. Addison Killeen is a dentist and entrepreneur in Lincoln, Nebraska.  After receiving a Bachelors in Psychology from Saint Louis University in 3 years, he worked as a Special Projects Manager for Telesis, Inc. in Lincoln, Nebraska.  Telesis Inc. is a business conglomerate that has entities that include a Department of Defense Contractor, Nebraska's largest Brewery, a Carbon-reduction technology investor and the restaurant group including Lazlo's and FireWorks.  During his time there, he helped form corporations and do the financial management to ensure that each business cost category had maximum efficiency.  He then attended the University of Nebraska College of Dentistry to earn his Doctorate in Dental Surgery. 

After dental school he worked in a few offices, and came to realize there is a severe need for more business knowledge in the dental industry.  Corporate dental chains can afford a high level of sophistication, but this doesn’t mean the cottage dental industry can’t realize the same efficiencies. 


He is a Partner/Owner in Williamsburg Dental, an emerging group in the Lincoln, Nebraska area with 6 offices.  They are the largest group in Lincoln, and have grown with great clinical care and a philosophy of, “Treat Everyone Like Family.”

Now that Dr. Killeen has stopped all clinical work, he has focused on helping other dentists. He works with the brightest minds in dentistry at the Dental Success Institute (DSI) and Dental Success Network (DSN). Dental Success Institute was founded by Dr. Mark Costes. He exclusively helps other dentists inside the Elite Practice Mastermind at DSI.

Away from the office Dr. Killeen is married to his wife Rachel, and they have two boys.  His wife Rachel is also a Dental Hygienist, and she knows how to keep the doctor on schedule!  When not swimming with the boys or going to the Zoo, Dr. Killeen enjoys endurance running and bike racing with his bike team- the Lincoln Abrahams.