133. Biking Through Iceland: Lessons for Life’s Gravel Trails

Join us on today's episode of the Daily Dental Podcast as your host, Addison Killeen, takes a detour from the dental world to share his thrilling adventure in the heart of Iceland! Addison is currently cycling through the breathtaking landscapes of Iceland, preparing for every twist, turn, and weather challenge on a challenging 200-mile gravel trail.

Discover how Addison's journey mirrors the obstacles we all face in life. Learn how taking small steps each day can help you prepare for the gravel trails of your own life's journey. Whether you're a dental professional or simply seeking inspiration, this episode will leave you with valuable insights on perseverance, preparation, and the power of taking consistent action.

For more information about Dr. Addison Killeen, visit: www.addisonkilleen.com or interact with him on a daily basis at www.DentalSuccessNetwork.com