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The Complete Dental Assistant Manual

Dental Assisting is one of the most important positions in the office, from managing supplies to sterilization. Having an assistant the understands their position well can make a significant difference in the success of the office. This book provides resources and systems to hire the right people, onboard them into a perfect system, and continue training them up to be a great dental assistant. Included in this book are the quizzes to test the knowledge as they grow in the dental assisting field as well as pictures of common tray setups. Like all Dental Success Manuals, there is a huge downloadable document vault for offices to download exactly what they need!

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This book has the resources to save you upwards of $20,000 per year! We start by helping you set up a system for ordering supplies and equipment. Using a budget with the spreadsheet provided, you can create your own formulary, or use the Dental Success Network formulary provided to keep your ordering costs at 4%. Of course lab bills sometimes eat into your profit as well, so we give you the system to track lab cases and help decrease lab bills. The next biggest expenditure is equipment, and we help you evaluate radiology equipment, types, and manufacturers to get to the exact equipment you need. We then continue by helping you figure out your cost per procedure, knowing exactly how much a certain procedure costs and how much profit you can make off each type of procedure. We also help you evaluate insurance policies and write-offs to help you evaluate your highest and lowest performing insurers. AND- after many requests, we publish our Cash Flow System- the way to use the philosophy of Profit First in setting up multiple bank accounts and tracking your cash flows. throughout this book, we tell you how to save money on your costs, make more money with higher revenues, and how to manage the cash windfalls!

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Owning and operating a dental practice can be difficult and confusing. However, it doesn’t have to be that hard. By The Numbers is a powerful guidebook to running your dental practice using the most powerful statistics available. Using these numbers , you will ensure profitability and success by only focusing on the numbers that make a significant difference in the daily operations of your dental practice.

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The beauty of this book is it leaves little room for ambiguity. You see a lot of dentists lure you in with some trade secrets and then be extremely vague as to not give away how to replicate their success. Dr. Addison does an incredible job laying out step by step how to evaluate practices based upon their analytics. Both to know the worth but also to evaluate areas of potential growth in a potential practice or even in your own.

- Dr. Joe

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A 300+ page operations manual that will give you detailed systems to help run your dental practice including Foundational Elements, Back Office Systemization, Front Office and Billing Routines, Human Resources Guidance, Positional checklists, Marketing Resources and Patient Experience verbiage. With all this as an example, as well as video links to help explain, you will have no trouble finishing your own Operations Manual for your practice so that you are not reliant on a few key players–but that everyone plays in the system. Online documents available that will correlate to the handbook will also speed up the learning curve and allow you to maximize the potential this book holds. Don’t waste weeks and months doing it yourself, copy this one–and make yours even better.

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So many great ideas and systems laid out very clearly with implementable steps you can go from theory to practice. This book will pay for itself after 1 clinical day, and then many many times over

- Dr. Jason

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A giant jump start to any operations manual and a must-read book for anyone looking to get on the fast track to systemizing their dental practice.

- Dr. Steve

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The Dental Office Operations Manual book


Starting a dental clinic is a long journey with many pitfalls. The authors know this well after owning 25 clinics collectively. In this guide, they teach and guide you through the journey from initial idea through first patients- plus saving you more than $50,000 in the process. With downloadable documents to match throughout the process, this guide will attack the major parts of the process including financing, site selection, floor plan design, construction, equipment selection, cabinetry, technology, marketing, systemization and cash flow control. Included in this book is a 50-page guide on setting up your OpenDental Software from scratch using the best practices.

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If only this had been available prior to my startup 5 years ago. The author has incredible insight and has thought through every detail of the process. It is very obvious he is no stranger to startups and has been very successful. I'm thankful for this information as a resource for both scratch start ups and even acquisitions as I am confident it will be beneficial and save me money and headaches in the future.

- Dr. M

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The Dental Start-Up Manual book


Buying a dental office can be one of the biggest financial decisions you make in your life. Make sure you do it the right way from the beginning with the expert knowledge and documents found in this book. Between the authors, they have purchased and sold more than 20 practices, and the knowledge they pass along in this book can save you hundreds of thousands of dollars over the course of your practice career. This book comes with downloadable documents to help evaluate practices, locations, sample contracts, and the keys to help you at each stage through the acquisition process.

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I wish I would have had this 10 years ago before I bought my first practice. I could have saved myself tens of thousands of dollars. Anyone looking to buy a practice needs to buy this before they do anything else. Great work Dr. Costes and Dr. Killeen

- Dr. S

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The Dental Acquisition Manual book cover


Many dentists are getting to the point of burnout because their practice is growing and patients love their personalized care. However, at a certain point, they cannot do any more dentistry. When this problem occurs, the most common answer is to grow the business and hire an associate. Unfortunately most dentists do not plan, or execute, this idea well at all. This leaves the owner frustrated and the associate in a bad spot after a few months. This book is the answer to help avoid those problems, keep the owner of the practice happy, and give systems to help develop the associate into an amazing clinician and member of the team.

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The Associate Dentist Manual book cover


Ever wonder why some dental offices only get 10 new patients per month, where others can get 100-300 new patients per month? Ever wonder why some practices look like they ‘have it together’, and others seem disjointed? This book answers why and gives the keys you want to know to help your practice get the best return-on-investment for your marketing dollars. This book includes content around naming, branding, logos, website design, search engine optimization, Google Ads, Facebook ads and funnels. This large manual even includes what to look for in an external marketing agency versus hiring your own internal marketing manager. With many examples for each type of marketing, this is the only book you need in the marketing space if you’re looking at doing any sort of marketing for your dental practice.

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The Dental Office Marketing Manual book cover


Trying to manage and learn the Front Office of your Dental Clinic can feel overwhelming. With insurance, billing, phones, and tons of paperwork- there’s many moving parts and it is difficult to teach the systems in a clear manner. Sometimes insurance denies treatment. Sometimes the phones keep ringing off the hook and you need to help manage scripts. Sometimes you need a good process for billing, either by mail or text. If this sounds like you, then this book is the answer to your prayers. At 272 pages (plus tons of digital downloads), this book is packed full of the best scripts to help with the phones, the right way to bill appropriately, and the best ways to leverage insurance websites to make sure you get quick and accurate benefits.

If you feel like the front office is overwhelming, look no further – this book is for you.

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The Dental Front Office Manual book cover