193. Optimizing Dental Practice Performance: Unraveling the Ideal Hygiene Percentage Formula

In this episode of The Daily Dental Podcast, your host delves into the concept of the ideal hygiene percentage in dental practices. The average benchmark is set at 25% of total production, reflecting the contribution of hygienists to overall practice performance. Deviations from this norm may indicate various dynamics within the practice. A higher hygiene percentage, around 30%, could signify a robust hygiene department or a less productive dentist. Conversely, a lower percentage (10-15%) may be acceptable if the dentist excels in specific areas like surgery, without implying underperformance by hygienists. Dr. Addison Killeen also introduces the “3.3 times their wage” rule, emphasizing the importance of hygienists collecting at least 3.3 times their hourly wage for optimal practice profitability.