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Final Logo

Wall Colors

'Repose Grey' SW 7015 - Sherman Williams

'Dorian Grey' SW 7017 - the foot walls in each of the 6 ops.

'Snowbound' White SW7004 - for the 3D Wall

Bathroom Tile for Patient Bathroom

Floor Tile: Prima Tile- Weld Hammer Mir1002. 12 x 24 Grout: Latex grout Raven #941

Wall Tile:

Accent wall in Waiting Room

Inhabit Living: “Split” Wall flats- 3D wall panels. inhabit 19.7” x 19.7” - Left as Snow White

Wall Tile in entrance and behind coffee bar: Marazzi Matrika Glazed Ceramic MT14 Grigio. (Wave). 16 x 48”. Grout: Silverado grout 949

Carpet in all areas

Patcraft Backlit. 10469. “18 x 36”. Lux 0590

Luxury Vinyl Tile

Marion. CS-1713 Cascade Series. 9” x 59”


Greeting Desk: Granite/Marble: Match the Cararra Biana in Marble/Granite

All Other countertops: Formica: Cararra Bianca Matte 6696-58


All operators and Front areas:

Wilsonart Laminate - 7947K-18. Asian Night Premium Aeon

Sterilization and Staff Break room:

Citadel Warp 5882-58

Ceiling Tiles

Waiting Room/Entrance: Floating cloud effect- painted dark

All other ceilings: white grid/normal ceiling tiles


Matrika Grigio Wave

Accent wall tile for waiting room and coffee bar.


Download Floor plans —>

Click the icon above for the floor plans.

Click the icon above for the floor plans.


Example of Rear Wall

Cabinet at bottom will be different, see next picture.

Here is the full Cabinet design.


Full Cabinet Design and Layout

4 Plex Electircal and Data in upper cabinet. 4 Plex also above countertop. Rear wall is aluminum slat wall.


Room Setup, TV Setup

Dansereau Chairs, click link for bid information


CBCT- $37,900

Renew Digital

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Waiting Room Chair

Wayfair, about $105/Chair